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Tooth Reshaping

Tooth Reshaping

A smile is the first attribute people notice. Since cosmetic dentistry offers many services and procedures that can improve an off-putting smile, there’s no excuse for people to deal with spotted, split, or underhand teeth. If you have a tooth that is disproportionate or that it is adapted to follow the contours of other teeth, then dental shaping is idealistic for dental care.

Cosmetic dentists can get rid of shallow holes or grooves in tooth enamel, broken edges or small chips in front of the teeth and change the general distinctness of the teeth and placement of your teeth with this easy procedure. The process of alteration may also resolve some small issues with bite and function.

How Is Reshaping Done?

The dental expert will use a polishing tool to get rid of miniscule amounts of enamel, usually 1-2 mm, so the contours of the teeth are sculptured into a wanted shape. Shaping is done with the use of extraordinary devices that are used for sanding the teeth, which will give you better shape and enhancedimproved brightness of teeth. When teeth are a little crowded or crooked, or when the canine tooth is too elongated, enamel shaping is used to correct these errors.

This procedure is in use to help you get a more radiant smile, however difficult dental issues will not be dealt with with this option alone. If significant work is required you will need to discuss what choices are best for you with a cosmetic dentistry professional. In order to be a candidate for this procedure you need to have teeth that are fit and strong enough to withstand the procedure.

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